Funniest and Hilarious Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes

Funny Birthday Messages, Funny Birthday Wishes

The word “Birthday” makes everyone happy, regardless of the age or any other factor. Don’t we all want to have that extra bit of fun and go crazy on our birthday? Then why not start with it and send funny birthday wishes and messages to your dear ones. The best funny birthday quote can make anyone laugh gladly at themselves. Birthdays are one best time to make anyone feel happy, a witty birthday messages or any simple joke is enough for anyone to make their day more special. Find out the best collection of funny birthday messages and funny birthday wishes to your friends, family and loved ones. Here are few example of how you can go a bit far and do something out of the box for a close done on their birthday.

Funny Birthday Messages – Hilarious Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes to one of my favorites. On your birthday here’s a message I share with you, celebrate your day as you are not only getting older but also getting a year closer to death.

Considering the number of candles on your cake, it requires a permit from the fire department for bonfires. Through this message I would say that enjoy the day, sniff off all the candles yourself because you are not as old as you will be next year. Best Birthday wishes.

Birthdays are like alcohol; the more you have it, the more it is difficult to remember. Get high on your day and live your dreams. Happy Birthday wishes.

This text message is to say no matter what’s your age’ keep your chin always high. Birthday wishes to the funniest and jolly person I know.

Is it getting harder to remember where your car keys are? Oh you can still recall it, and then it’s a great achievement for you. Birthday wishes to the person getting another year older.

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