1st Birthday – Unique Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party Ideas, 1st Birthday Baby Girl Boy

Birthday parties are the most awaited things with kids. They desperately look forward for their birthdays to come as not only will they get all the attention and gifts but they will have a wonderful time with their friends. Birthday celebrations sometimes turn out to be a nightmare for parents because they have to get into extensive planning and execution to make the party a hit.

In this post, we bring some fun first birthday party ideas for baby girl or baby boy. You can utilize these simple first birthday ideas to make it a memorable celebration for your munchkin.

Unique and Creative First Birthday Party Ideas for Baby Girl or Boy

Order a Special Birthday Cake

Special 1st Birthday Cake
Special 1st Birthday Cake

Cake is the highlight on birthday. Make sure you order a special cake designed around the 1st birthday theme with a warm birthday message on it.

Buy Some Creative Wrapping Papers

Buy Creative Wrapping Paper, Birthday Wrapping Paper
Creative Birthday Wrapping Paper

Use some creative wrapping papers to decorate your birthday venue. This is certainly a unique first birthday party idea to put to use.

Go With a Kids Themed Birthday Party

first baby birthday party themes, 1st birthday party themes Baby Girl Boy
First Baby Birthday Party Themes

Picking a theme is always a good way to plan a party. There are various birthday party ideas for kids and you can select a theme based on what your kid likes.

check out our list of first birthday themes for boys

Use DIY Decoration Ideas

DIY Decoration Ideas, First Birthday Decorations India
DIY First Birthday Decoration Ideas

Instead of hiring a professional, you can google some interesting and easy DIY birthday decoration ideas. With this 1st birthday party idea on a budget, you can surely save a lot of your money.

Baby First Birthday Party Dress

First Birthday Party Dress, 1st Birthday Outfits Girl, Boy
First Birthday Party Dress for Girl, Boy

Don’t miss on buying a lovely first birthday party dress and outfit for your little one, and if you have a theme party them make sure that the birthday dress is in synch with the theme.

List All Accessories for the Party

Kids Birthday Party Accessories, 1st birthday
Kids Birthday Party Accessories

With small accessories, you can add on to the party fun. It is always a good idea to create a list of accessories you will be needing for the party.

Finalize the Birthday Venue

Birthday Venue, Baby First Birthday Venue
Baby First Birthday Venue

Make sure you have shortlisted the birthday venues based on the guest list, time of the birthday party, budget etc.

Buy Unique Party Favours/Return Gifts for Kids

Unique Birthday Party Favours, Kids Birthday Return Gifts
Birthday Party Favours and Return Gifts

Shop for some fun party favours for kids to make this party all the more memorable for them. Go with some unique party favour ideas to keep the return gifts different.

Always Go with Your Budget

Budget Kids Birthday Party Ideas, Planning Birthday Party

It is very important to decide on the party budget and then begin all the planning to avoid spending money without a plan. This will certainly help you use your money wisely.

Keep Separate Foods for children and Adults

Children and Adults Birthday Party Food
Children and Adults Birthday Party Foods

If adults are also there on your guest list then it is a good idea to keep limited items and separate menu for kids and adults so that both can enjoy their respective foods.

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